BlackBoy Fucks Jess Royan

Looks like Jess Royan found himself some action in the form of a dude named Blackboy. I get the impression that being “black balled” in this video is going to take on an entirely different meaning for Jess. Jess drops to his knee’s to service Blackboy and his cock. Get a look at the size of Jess’ cock peeking out of his shorts. I forgot how big his cock was! Blackboy can’t help but notice either and drops down to get a taste of the monster for himself.

The two men go back and forth exchanging some throat fucking. Then Blackboy slides on a glove and takes matters to a “deeper” level. It doesn’t take these two long and they’re both ready to blow. And BLOW they do! All over the place.

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Maxxence Angel Fucks John Adams

Maxxence Angel (Maxx) heads down to a local club for a drink “and”… whatever else in the form of a nice ass he can slide his fat cock into. John Adams is working behind the bar with his “welcoming behind” it seems as he serves Maxx not only his drink. “How can I service you” seems to be his motto. No doubt that Maxx is very appreciative of the “service” he’s getting from John.

John obviously wants to ensure himself of a good tip from his customer and drops his shorts, hops on the couch and serves up a nice pink hole for Maxx to taste. Looks appetizing to me! John even lubes it up for Maxx, adds a couple fingers, sniff’s a Nike and invites Maxx “in.” Maxx fucks John doggy style before they switch up and John goes for a ride. Then it’s back to doggy style and John grabs a Nike to sniff while Maxx pounds the backdoor. Then Maxx re-positions John and pile drives his ass DEEP all the way down to his balls. With the boys ready to blow, John settles back on the couch and Maxx does some deep throat fucking while John jerks and blows his load. Then Maxx pulls out and tugs one out blowing and splattering all over John’s shirt and the couch. This is definitely my kind of bar!

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Kamel Takes Miko For A Ride

It’s good to see Kamel back again along with his gorgeous fat cock and sexy smooth ass. This time he is joined by Miko who is quick to “unleash the beast” and wrap his lips around Kamel’s cock. While getting his cock serviced, Kamel wets a couple fingers and plays with Miko’s hole; one of Kamel’s favorite things to do. Kamel never fails to bring us into the action as he gives us those “shit eating grins.”

Kamel is ready to do a little “deep exploration” and takes us on his own personal expedition “up” Miko’s ass. Do try to keep up guys as Kamel likes the action fast and furious for the most part. While “tappin’ it” doggy style, Kamel gives Miko a reach around from time to time before taking a break. Break over, it’s missionary and we get a great shot from behind of Kamel’s firm smooth ass. Yep, definitely going to be a “Rump Roast” dinner tonight! Ready to bring things to a “head” Kamel stands up on the bed jerking his cock while MIko licks and sucks on his ball before blowing his load all over Miko. After, Miko settles back on the bed to bang one out while Kamel feeds him his cock. Miko adds the finishing touches to this scene as he blows a nice creamy load all over his stomach for us all to enjoy. Dive in boys!

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Three Hot Loads

Down in the old wine cellar, we find Dimitri Swaroski and Tim Cosla entwined. Tim pulls his already hard cock out of his pants and Dimitri drops to his knee’s. Abdel is off to the side on the bench watching as Dimitri services Tim’s cock and starts playing with himself before joining the boys. Tim is quick to check out Abdel’s “equipment” as well as Dimitri. Better grab yourself a glass of… make that a bottle of wine as this threesome gets heated up.

Tim and Abdel play tag team with Dimitri’s ass while he services the other. Abdel slips on a glove and takes over the “rear” duties while Dimitri sucks on Tim’s big cock and balls while Abdel looks on from behind. Dimitri even takes out some time to worship Tim’s Nike’s while Tim feeds Abdel’s mouth while continues fucking Dimitri. Now Tim slides on a glove and takes over the rear duties from Abdel. Not saying Abdel is small by any means, but you can tell from the look on Dimitri’s face that there’s a noticeable difference as Tim slides his cock in.

Abdel now feeds Dimitri as Tim pounds away. The camera pans around behind Abdel while he face fucks Dimitri and we get a good look at his hairy plump little ass. With Tim close, he pulls out and lets Dimitri finish things off before he Tim takes over with his hand and unloads all over Dimitri’s chest. Abdel follows suit and blows his load coating Tim’s shirt along with adding to the pool on Dimitri’s chest. Dimitri is right there with them and blows his own hefty load adding more to the pool.

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Double Dose for Romeo Alonzo

We’re down at one of the abandoned buildings and find Romeo Alonzo with his pants down and his sexy ass exposed. Diego De Lavega and I can’t resist a tight smooth ass and Diego grabs a handful. Romeo drops to his knee’s and starts sucking our hard cocks. I had to stop and remind myself that I’m here to film, not partake in the action. So I settle back and resort to playing with my cock while I film the action. Well, at least for a little while. You’ll see me jump in every once in a while for the boys to “slob the knob.”

As I settle back, Diego dives in Romeo’s ass tongue first. After a good taste and with Romeo ready for Diego’s thick cock, on goes the glove and “up” goes the cock. Well, not without a little work; Romeo does have a tight hole. This is the part of my job I love the most; getting those close ups of the action. It isn’t long to my surprise before Diego pulls out and unloads his balls all over Romeo’s beautiful ass. Then it’s my turn and I turn over the cam to Diego. I slip on a glove and work Romeo’s ass a little before I blow my own load on his ass. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming.

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Flo Adams Meets Nicky

We’re down at one of the local bathhouses and came across a couple of young pups having some fun. It was still slow and not a lot of the older boys were there yet. So what better way to pass the time?

That’s Nicky with the dark hair and Flo Adams with the buzzed mo-hawk cut. Flo is the taller of the two and Nicky the “bigger” of the two. At first, the two pups get to know one another and check out the “hard” ware 69’ing. I think we made Flo nervous with the camera as he had a little problem keeping himself at full measure. But that didn’t stop Nicky from enjoying taking in the full flavor of his ass. When you have a sexy tight ass and smooth pink hole staring you in the face, it’s rather hard to resist.

Nicky helps himself to a condom and gel lube and bends Flo over. Then they both move to the mat. The camera zooms in and get a close up of Flo’s smooth skinned twink balls. Remember when guys? Those are great to lick. Excuse me while I adjust; watching 2 pair of balls bouncing up and down in smooth sacks has an effect on me. Damn that camera, in it zooms for a close up of Nicky’s smooth tight ass while he thrusts his cock in and out of Flo. With Flo on his back ready to blow, HOLY SHIT does he blow!!! The cum is flying all over the place. Then Nicky strokes one out and adds his own creamy jizz to the mix… err… mess. Enjoy your youth boys!

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Gino pays his debt

We find Gino sitting in the stairwell on his mobile phone when Dick Steven’s enters and asks Gino if he has his money that he lent him. Gino doesn’t have it all, so Dick says he’ll take a blowjob for the balance. When Dick drops his draws, I’m instantly in love with his big smooth shaved balls. I’m a sucker for big balls and and a cute ass. As Gino starts sucking on Dicks’ big “dick” they decide to move out of the stairwell so they don’t get interrupted and go to one of the empty storage compartments. Down goes the door, in goes Dick’s “dick.” I have a feeling it’s not only going to be Gino’s mouth.

Mama always warned me that “dynamite comes in small packages” and Gino proves her right once again. This boy is packin’ as we watch Dick take a taste of Gino’s cock. Notice the cute little ass on him too? Apparently Dick liked his appetizer and down he goes for another taste of Gino’s cock before he slides in the backdoor. Braced up against the wall, Gino’s cock rocks back and forth as Dick thrusts the other dick in and out of Gino. Watching this little twink get fucked and his big cock rockin’ has my “libido” soaring. Ready to blow, Dick pulls out as Gino turns around and drops to his knee’s and Dick unloads all over Gino’s shoulder. Then Gino stands back up while Dick caresses him and paints the wall with his load.

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Monster Cock for Julian Kido

We find Julian Kido with tears in his eyes from choking down Alex Toulouse’s large fat cock. Julian is a glutton for punishment as he even slaps himself in the eye with Alex cock. Alex lends a hand (or two) pushing Julian’s head down onto his cock. Julian pauses every so often to catch his breath. Standing up as Julian continues to suck this monster, Alex grabs hold of his cock and beats Julian up side the head with it.

Julian gets on his knee’s on the sofa while Alex spreads his pink hole for a “deep” look sizing up Julian’s hole. I’ve been fucked a couple times, but there’s no way I would let Alex monster near my ass. Julian note ably has a tough time taking “in” Alex cock. Not only does Julian “take it” all in, Alex drives his cock in hard and fast. Then the two men change positions and Julian mounts Alex sitting back on the couch. Julian gives us one of those “can you believe?” looks and eases his way down the “mast.”

With Alex close, Julian dismounts and returns to providing his lip service as Alex lends both hands again. In the end, both men settle back to jerk off and blow their loads. We talked with Julian afterwards and asked him how he liked it. His response, “It’s a horse!”

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Ted TN and Picwick Part Two

Picking back up with the action, we find Ted TN with his face buried in Picwick’s ass. A nice close up by the cameraman shows us what a tasty nice hole Picwick has. Once Ted gets up to full measure, he slides on a glove and takes the plunge into that sweet ass. Then moving from the sofa doggy style to the chair missionary, Ted continues to bury his cock in Picwick’s ass. From the side, we also get a great look at Ted’s tattoo; beautiful. Picwick strokes away and Ted pounds away. Off comes the glove as the two are ready to blow. Now it’s a race to the finish between the two. Pickwick rises to the challenge and blows all over himself as Ted looks on. Then Ted stands over Picwick and unloads all his face.

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Ted TN and Picwik Part One

Picwick is headed over to visit a buddy. When he gets there, he’s greeted by Ted TN. It seems his buddy isn’t home and Ted says he can wait. The two get chatting and remember meeting at a sex party in the past. Picwick recalls Ted having a big cock and one thing leads to another. Down come Ted’s pants and Picwick is at his service and Ted’s cock is quick to respond. Nothing like a big hard cock served up on a Nike.

Off come Picwick’s briefs exposing his smooth sexy ass. A couple swats with the Nike, a little sock sniffing and soon we find Ted with his face buried in Picwick’s ass. Once Picwick is primed and loosened up, it’s time for Ted to dock his cock; but that’s yet to “cum.”

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